Our Staff

A Commitment to Professional Learning

Teachers and staff are critical to achieving a culture of achievement at Bridge Prep and our commitment to training and supporting our staff is an essential part of our structure. Our staff is provided personalized weekly coaching and training in Orton-Gillingham, so they are uniquely prepared to work with our students and implement our instructional program.

Some of our staff support structures include:

  • Pre-service and in-service staff development;
  • Access to participation in content and practice-based Institutes and seminars;
  • Daily supports and observations;
  • Dedicated collaborative planning time;
  • Access to on-site staff developers and
  • Hands-on practical experiences.

Our Founding Staff

Our founding staff brings with them a diverse range of instructional and professional experience and like our students are BOLD. BRIGHT. and UNIQUE.

Tim Castanza

Executive Director

Jesse Ann Pirraglia

Director of Teaching and Learning

Fahron Ebanks

Dean of Specialized Instruction

RoseMarie Illuzzi

Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

Laura Laporta

Class 101(Bancroft)- Teacher

Gabriella Madonia

Class 101(Bancroft)- Associate TeacherĀ 

Lucy Meglio

Class 102 (Spielberg)- Teacher

Natalie Prestigiacomo

Class 102(Spielberg)- Associate Teacher

Kayla Ford

Class 103 (Whoopi)- Teacher

Tara McGuire

Class 103(Whoopi)- Associate Teacher

Theresa Cooke

Class 201 (Warhol)- Teacher

Kristin Condon

Class 201(Warhol)- Associate Teacher

Jacqueline Bosco

Class 202(Edison)-Teacher

Ayelet Schwartz

Class 202 (Edison)- Associate TeacherĀ 

Diana Rose Contardo

Class 203(Ali)- Teacher

Cheryl Otterbeck

Class 203(Ali)- Associate Teacher

Raul Cepin

Creative Learning Extension Teacher

Francesca DiCanio

Academic Support TeacherĀ 

Arlin Guerrero

Social Worker

Alayna Quattrocchi

Language Support Specialist

Lisa Bifalco

Physical Education Teacher

Jennifer Calvo

School Aide

Joanne Dembinski

School Aide

JoAnne Mafia

School Aide

Michelle Schneider

School Aide

Dawn Trentalage

School Aide