Our Students

Bridge Prep welcomes all students from Staten Island. Our instructional and school design is beneficial for all students and will result in improved academic outcomes and necessary social emotional development.

BPCS exists so all students and families are offered an option that meets their individual needs.

Literacy serves as the foundation upon which all learning is based, yet data shows that students across the country continue to struggle with literacy. Research shows that roughly 20% of the school-aged population has a language-based learning disability. We believe that with proper instructional interventions and an appropriate academic environment, all students can learn to read and write proficiently. At Bridge Prep, all students will benefit from our structured literacy approach and a multisensory curriculum, particularly students with dyslexia and other related learning needs, and English Language Learners.

Bridge Prep exists so that students and families no longer need to leave the borough to find a school that meets their needs and offers the choice to stay within their own community to be educated, in a specially designed environment that meets their needs.