School Design

Bridge Prep is New York’s first and only public school designed for students with dyslexia and other reading related disabilities.

Every decision made at Bridge Prep is made with students in mind. Our collaborative teaching model allows for continual assessments, benchmarking, ability-based grouping and low student to teacher ratios, to meet the needs at all student levels. Our whole school approach to developing culture and leadership skills is designed to support our students in developing key social skills needed for their development as leaders in the 21st century world.

Student and Family Handbook

Targeted Interventions, Enrichments and Necessary Learning Extensions
01 Academic Year

Our Academic Year is divided into three trimesters and begins for students with orientation in late August. The additional days of learning we offer, is part of our commitment to providing students with a rigorous academic, needs based experience. Schools choosing to purposefully use and maximize time has proven effective for all students, especially those struggling with literacy. Any student who has not met promotional criteria for the following grade, will attend a two- week summer session immediately following the conclusion of the academic year.

02 School Day

Our students also benefit from a specially designed, longer school day. Our school day offers a range of activities beyond the usual classes and provides additional time for direct instruction, small group programming, targeted interventions, enrichments and necessary learning extensions. This results in students being able to complete all of their necessary academic work in school, allowing them to spend their time at home being children.

With each day organized into instructional blocks, students receive instruction in all core subjects, with double blocks of ELA and math offered. Students also have time other necessary instructional opportunities including: individualized skill enrichment, which is designed to meet their specific skill level; daily fitness programming; and dedicated specialty subject class (music, art and physical education), supporting multi-sensory instruction.

03 Morning Meetings

Morning Meetings are critical to our success and serve as a way to support our school-wide culture and Executive Functioning skills. Each week begins with a whole-school Morning Meeting, where our community comes together for students to discuss their weekends and identify our weekly school- wide leadership theme.

04 Celebrating Achievement

Once each trimester, wel celebrate and reflect on student achievement with at our Achievement Celebration and Reflection Days. These days include in-school events where students revisit their goals and celebrate the progress that they, their peers and our school as a whole, have made in progressing toward or meeting them. Students learn about the achievement of groups and individuals through interactive activities, community partners and/or special guest speakers.

05 Connect Saturdays

One Saturday per trimester, students and families attend an abbreviated school day. The day will be split between theme-based academic intervention or enrichment, and a whole community Project Based Learning celebration, centered on students’ project-based studies and accomplishments.

06 Bridge Building Days

Each trimester, students participate in thematic community-based trips known as Bridge Building Days, where they are able to see their Creative Learning Extensions at work outside of the school setting, within the community.