“My child is no longer stressed from school work and looks forward to school daily!”

“ I see my child’s self-confidence and phonetic and phonological awareness building every day”

“The fact that my child comes home telling me how much they love school shows me that whatever the team at Bridge Prep is doing, they’re doing SO right”

“The relationships between the school’s administration, staff, students and families is something that I have never seen at any other school ”

“The school’s communication with families should be modeled and commended”

“The commitment to the Orton-Gillingham approach and the school’s model has done more than just help my child become a stronger reader. My child is determined to take chances with reading and wants to read more”

“The sense of school community is evident as soon as you walk through the doors”

“My child’s confidence in reading, self-esteem and feeling experiencing success at school is apparent- they love going to school! The arts based outlets like dance, art, chorus and instruments have really helped in having her look forward to going to school.”

“ I can’t understand why it took this long for a school like this to open, I’m blown away!”

“ My child’s teachers care about them as a person and celebrate their progress which brings me a sense of comfort that I have never had when I send them to school every day”